TechBerry's New Partnership Signals Company's Strong Market Presence

Feb 19, 2015
TechBerry's social trading analytical platform, launched on January 10th this month, partners with the major financial institution in Forex and CFD markets. Our new partner chose to remain anonymous, while allowing us to use their in-house Forex order history to grow the resilience of our trading algorithm. Platform data analytics and data mining technology will collect data from the pro traders who worked for the company and took crucial decisions from 2000 to 2014 to build a sustainable extra income for TechBerry's private clients. The company will test its product privately for big in-house clients and financial institutions.

The company expects the rapid growth of its social trading community in the next few years to be able to collect more data. “This partnership is more than an important landmark in our company growth. Participation of experts from our partner's team cannot be overestimated. Analyzing efficient trading techniques of pro traders with AI will bring more and more easy-to-use additional income in Forex trading,”  TechBerry management. 

Our new partner has more than 40 year's experience in the financial market, particularly CFDs, and has emerged victorious in the multiple economical crises. They were able to increase their share of the US derivatives market.

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