TechBerry Launches Long-Awaited Social Trading Analytical Platform for New Members

Apr 09, 2015
TechBerry, the new social trading analytical platform, became open to the new community members three months ago, on January 10th, 2015. 

TechBerry's AI, data analytics, and data mining technology is designed for gathering information from professional traders to build an automated trading solution based on AI in an efficient and transparent manner. Anyone now can subscribe to enjoy additional gains by using TechBerry's subscription-based social trading platform. 

The company tested its product privately to offer to big in-house clients and financial institutions. In testing period, one thousand and thirty-seven professional traders signed up for the TechBerry in-house data-mining program during the first month of testing to contribute their knowledge and strategies to TB AI learning possibilities. 

TechBerry platform will continue to work only for professional traders and in-house members. However, since February 2015, it is open to the public, and the social trading tool became available for anyone who wants to join the community.  

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