The innovative TECHBERRY system, which allows minimizing the risks caused by the Fed rate hike, has successfully passed stress tests

Aug 23, 2022
The consequences of the Federal Reserve's policy, which led to the increase in Fed rates until recently, were considered an unpredictable factor that could cause significant damage to financial activity. But, the innovative TechBerry AI, which provides for volatility strategies of various durations, has allowed traders to de facto get insurance against the impact of the Fed's rate hike. In the near future, these decisions may decrease the value of standard investment instruments.
Our analysts came to this conclusion, especially against the backdrop of the success of TechBerry AI stress tests.

To date, TechBerry AI looks like the ultimate tool without any weaknesses. One of the system's main advantages is the possibility of hedging for asset managers, which seems to be a practical tool in an area where any mistake can lead to disaster. This is possible thanks to algorithms based on more than 100 thousand professional accounts and the lack of correlation of subscriber accounts with Forex markets and standard marketplaces.

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