TechBerry Platform Popularity Increases as Biden Administration Takes Over

Feb 02, 2021
TechBerry has recorded an increase in the membership registrations of its social trading analytical platform, after oval office management changes in the US, with more traders signing up.

As the Biden administration discusses tax rate hikes and tough days for billionaires and tech giants, the stock market becomes tougher without professional expertise. TechBerry's technology becomes safe-heaven as it accumulates big data from 100 thousand professional trading accounts to convert it into a highly efficient and profitable trading tool available under subscription.

The company remains ahead of its peers in the social trading segment, with clearance partnerships targeting brokerage firms. The company expects that signups will increase with the impact of the pandemic and policy change after Joseph Biden becomes president. 

TechBerry has revised its guidance to the upside for the third quarter of 2021.

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